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ZP-19D Rotary Tablet Press

This is designed for small scaled producing for pharmaceutical industry with capacity 42000/h.

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Tablet Press Machine, old style ZP15, 17, 19

It is specially for small scaled production.

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Big Tablet Compression Machine, ZP21 Series

This machine is specially designed for pressing large tablets, bolus such as veterinary drugs.

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Triple Colored Tablet Compression Machine

This machine could press double layers or three layers tablets diameter max. 45mm with thickness 12mm.

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This is designed for pressing double layers tablets, annular tablets, and round tablets, irregular tablets with max. thickness 9mm.

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ZP-29, 31 Rotary Tablet Press

This machine could press powders or granules with double press function controlled by PLC.

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ZP-35, 37, 41D

This machine is a double press automatic tablet making machine for batch production with capacity max. 15-170000/h.

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Mini Rotary Tablet Press ZP-5, 7, 9

mini rotary tablet press, for laboratory and small scaled pharmaceutical or chemical production.

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